With nature as an focalpoint, there are many things to see and enjoy in Jølster and its surroundings. Both in sumer and winter there are many beautiful hikes close to Jølster Panorama. If you need assistans, please ask us, and we will do our best to finde a spectacular route. The camp site are facilitated for fishing, and lake Jølstravatnet has an reputation of beeing the best lake for fishing troute in northern europe! We offer a marina for small boates, room to gut fish and you can also rent a boat from Jølster Panorama.I addition we sell fishing equipment and fishing lisence can also be bougth here.
If golfing is of interese Sunnfjord Golfklubb are located at Vassemden, an 20 min drive from Jølster Panorama. For more action, Jølster Rafting offers river rafting and beatutiful sorroundings in river Jølstra. For skiing in vinter season, Jølster Panorama are located 20 minutes from Jølster Jølster Skisenter, 40 minutes from Sunnfjord Skisenter and 40 minutes from Sogndal Skisenter Hodlekve.
If shopping are of interest, we are located 40 minutes from the closest city, Førde.